listen, i’m never going to let you use my laptop idk what exactly i have to hide but i’m 200% sure there’s something

Thaila: I am Thaila, daughter of Zeus. *rock guitar riff*
Jason: I'm Jason, son of Jupiter. *soft guitar ballad*
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if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to

why don’t you go where fashion sits


Oh and continuing the Athena library post, the whole camp goes though a pretty severe Harry Potter phase one year. Sword fights break out over spoilers. They hold read alouds in some cabins so that everybody can get up to speed. The campers sort themselves into houses. The godly parentage has no correlation to Hogwarts house (A Ravenclaw-Athena did a statistical study.) There is Hufflepuff-Ares kids fighting to defend their friends. Gryffindor-Apollos have an archery contest against Slytherin-Apollos. (The Hufflepuff-Apollos are medics.) Slytherin-Demeters get help from Ravenclaw-Demeters to make their gardens the best they can be.

The house rivalries get so intense that Chiron arranges a four-way game of capture the flag. The Stoll brothers (Slytherin) are fighting Clarisse (Griffindor) for the Griffindor flag. Sileana (Giffindor) has the Hufflepuff flag at the banks of the creek when Annabeth and Beckendorf  (Ravenclaw) dash across with the Slytherin flag. They didn’t even know it was gone.


But I just imagine that when Nico, Percy, and Thalia go on quests together, Nico and Thalia are really good at blending in and hiding.
And then we have Percy.

Like Thalia would act natural or climb a tree or some thing

Nico would fade into the shadows

And then Percy would do something Percyish like pretend to be a tree or fall over and try to be a carpet.


Pushing Daisies AU where Nico has the ability to bring the dead back to life, first using this ability on Bianca (but not knowing about the limitations, so when Bianca touches him again she dies permanently), and then on Hazel, who he vows not to make the same mistake with. They use his gift to help the FBI (Jason and Reyna + co) with murder investigations uwu

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The Athena cabin has a library built underneath it. They have a ton of books on greek mythology ranging from extensive bestiaries to obscure lore to basic guides for new campers. However, they also have lots of other books available for anyone who wants to read. The best scribes in the cabin work on translating modern fiction books into ancient greek so that they are easier for demigods to read.
They have the Harry Potter series printed in triplicate because they were so popular.
One kid in the 1970s spent three years translating the Lord of the Rings series.

I think the Stoll brothers and all of the Hermes cabin are more than people think of them. They’re not all pranks and foul play. Hermes is the god of travelers and communication. When new campers come, they stay in cabin 11. The Hermes kids make sure they are comfortable and have all the things they need to settle in to camp. They’ve become fiercely protective of new unclaimed kids. After the Titan war, they know that these kids will find a home, but it’s cabin 11’s job to take care of them until they do. The Stolls instated a ‘No Pranks on Newbies’ rule. Partly to make new campers feel safe, and partly because with unclaimed kids you have no idea what you are pissing off. Hermes kids are free reign though. they know that their siblings can give as good as they get.